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February 08 2013


Wine Cork Cages a Unique Keepsake

For most wine drinkers out there, once the last drop of wine is finished most do away with their empty glass bottles to the trash. Those empty bottles also include a rare keepsake that many people are unaware of: the not so coveted “wine cork.” An ever growing trend to keep and maintain wine corks from specific wines for past memories or just for fun, the latest accessory of the wine cork cage is the perfect accompaniment to such collectors.


This fun, unique and innovative creation not only keeps the corks as a symbol of memories of yesteryear, but can be beautifully displayed in different styles for all to see. Available in a variety of styles and materials, adding one to your home and bar setting will definitely add a noticed touch to the décor.

Unique martini glasses

The idea of the wine cork cage isn’t anything recent, but in gaining popularity in recent times many wine connoisseurs are avid users and collectors. A perfect compliment to Lolita martini glasses, wines glass settings or table settings, wine cork cages can be used for a variety of things all according to the customer.

Wine bottle glasses

Not to be selfishly kept for one’s own enjoyment, these wine cork cages make the perfect gift for any event or holiday; ranging from weddings, birthdays and bridal gifts to holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving to name a few. So if you’re in the market for a unique one of a kind piece, or a special gift for the wine connoisseur in your life, look no further than the wine cork cage as the perfect fit.

Martini glasses

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